Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, you name it, we can cater it. We can provide a large grill, cookers, crock pots, chafing dishes, even our professional servers!

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All sides on this page are available.

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All sides on this page are available.

Hot Dishes

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Sheet Cakes

Each sheet cake is cut into 60 slices.

Featuring cakes from The Original Cakerie.

Every element of The Original Cakerie’s cakes are made with premium ingredients that result in outstanding taste. From real whipped cream to real fruit fillings, our chef-inspired recipes continue to satisfy and delight.

Gluten-Free Dreamin’ of Chocolate Cake

Decadent, melt in your mouth chocolate cake with layers of the finest white chocolate mousse. Topped with smooth chocolate ganache and white chocolatey drizzle.

Black Forest Cake

Three layers of decadent, made from scratch chocolate cake are sandwiches between real whipped cream and real cherry filling.

Triple Chocolate Tiger Cake

Made from scratch white cake centered between two layers each of rich, dark chocolate icing, creamy white chocolate icing and decadent chocolate cake.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake

Made from scratch sponge cake is layered between luscious real raspberry filling and fresh whipped cream. Finished with white chocolatey shavings.

Lemons & Cream Shortcake

Made from scratch shortcake layered between real whipped cream and real lemon filling.

Tuxedo Truffle Mousse Cake

Made from scratch marbled cake layered between dark and white chocolate mousses. Finished with dark chocolate ganache and white chocolatey swirls.

Meatheads, Meats & Deli, Inc.

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Meatheads, Meats & Deli, Inc.

Meatheads is Not Closing

ATTENTION: There have been comments said that Meatheads is closing. This is not true. We are in the process of moving our Wild Game Processing

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Meatheads, Meats & Deli, Inc.

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